Vietnam is famous for its friendly and hospitality. For the last years, Vietnam is being considered as one of the safest countries in Asia by UNDP and other economy organizations and international newspapers. Thanks to its stability in politics and economy, Vietnam is becoming the favorite destination of many colleges and universities around the world.


With a diversed culture existing thousands of years, Vietnam is an interesting place for those who want to explore the rich culture of Vietnam. We have successfully combine the culture visits with the social contacts for the School tours. A school tour normally includes the visits to cultural, interesting sites and one or more visit(s) to Orphanage Center or Disadvantaged Children Center. This kind of trip will help them exchange the culture and broaden their cultural knowledge and the environment know-how around them.


We have had experiences in organizing trans-Vietnam tours for 3 student groups (Primary & High Schools) from South Africa in 2002 and 2003.


Recently (December 2005), we have organized a long trip for St. Mary and CBC Colleges, in which they visited and played with the children at the Phu My Orphanage Center for a week. By participating in this kind of trips, we have contributed ourselves by offering very moderate tour prices to our clients on these non-profit tours. They travelled again in 2006 with longer stay. This year 2007, they will travel again and Vietnam is their long term plan, which they will visit every year for charity purpose. For 2008, 29 students and teachers will be traveling. Same group size would also travel in November 2009.


Early in 2007, we have organized a 8 day tour for 78 students of St. Michael College from Ireland.